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After you purchase a spot, you can take as long as you need to find and mail in your items. There’s no rush!

How it works: 

- purchase a mail in spot and mail your item(s) to me.

- find something you don't wear/use anymore. Scroll through the product images to find what item worked best to send in!

- A email with a google form will be sent out after purchasing. Shipping instructions will appear after you fill out the form!

What should I send in?

An old jersey or standard size flag works great. The bigger the jersey, the better. If your jersey is anything less than a L/XL, i would recommend sending in two garments !


Turnaround time depends on when you ship your item to me. It will take me around 4-8 weeks to get your order back to you! (It could be sooner)

Read more about placing an order on the pinned post on my instagram! 

**ignore the “how it works” section on this product page 

Our Values

Boho Basement icon for their brand value: transparency. The icon represents an eye.


Boho Basement icon for their brand value: environmentally sustainable fashion and streetwear. The icon represents a leaf with two arrows that appear to be rotating in a circle surrounding the leaf..


Boho Basement icon for their brand value: unique design. The icon represents an an outline of a lightening bolt and a small four sided star.

Unique designs

Boho Basement icon for their brand value: intentional impact in the sustainable fashion industry. The icon represents outlines of 3 hearts stacked inside each other.

Intentional impact

Boho Basement icon for their brand value: community building. The icon represents an illustration of 3 people next to each other with a heart above them.

Community building