Fashion with impact

We love fashion, but we love the planet even more. Boho Basement is on a mission to create sustainable streetwear that helps you to look and feel good while reducing the negative environmental side effects of the fashion industry.

We upcycle pre-loved pro-sports merch into unique, trendsetting clothing that you can feel good about wearing.

How it works

Our values

Boho Basement icon for their brand value: transparency. The icon represents an eye.


Boho Basement icon for their brand value: environmentally sustainable fashion and streetwear. The icon represents a leaf with two arrows that appear to be rotating in a circle surrounding the leaf..


Boho Basement icon for their brand value: unique design. The icon represents an an outline of a lightening bolt and a small four sided star.


Boho Basement icon for their brand value: intentional impact in the sustainable fashion industry. The icon represents outlines of 3 hearts stacked inside each other.


Boho Basement icon for their brand value: community building. The icon represents an illustration of 3 people next to each other with a heart above them.

Community driven

Meet Mia

Hey it's Mia, the creator behind Boho Basement. I am a 23 environmental activist and entreprenuer from Buffalo, NY (go Bills).

Two years ago, I committed to building a brand that shares my own values as a conscious consumer. I was exhausted shopping from brands that claim to be "sustainable", only to find out they wern't.

As I started building Boho, I knew I had to create a brand that exudes transparency, responsibility, and consciousness for our environment.

My goal here is to create a space where you can shop, learn, and recycle without the worry of where & how your products are being made.

Thanks sm for being here <3

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