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Custom puffer

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Size Guide

Please note: These run small, I recommend sizing up!  

After you purchase a spot, you can take as long as you need to find and mail in your items. There’s no rush!

How it works: 

- purchase a mail in spot and mail your item(s) to me.

- find something to mail in (reference the mail in size chart)

- A email with a google form will be sent out after purchasing. Shipping instructions will appear after you fill out the form!


Fulfillment / Return Policy

We do not accept returns or order cancelations due to the custom nature of our work. Refunds anre eligible ONLY for order mistakes.

Turnaround time is roughly 12 weeks and starts when I recieve your merchandise. The turnaround time could be sooner depending on how fast you ship your items in! 

Read more about placing an order on the pinned post on my instagram! 

Our Values

Boho Basement icon for their brand value: transparency. The icon represents an eye.


Boho Basement icon for their brand value: environmentally sustainable fashion and streetwear. The icon represents a leaf with two arrows that appear to be rotating in a circle surrounding the leaf..


Boho Basement icon for their brand value: unique design. The icon represents an an outline of a lightening bolt and a small four sided star.

Unique designs

Boho Basement icon for their brand value: intentional impact in the sustainable fashion industry. The icon represents outlines of 3 hearts stacked inside each other.

Intentional impact

Boho Basement icon for their brand value: community building. The icon represents an illustration of 3 people next to each other with a heart above them.

Community building